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My answer is call. I can see the pot is already bloated. A pot size of 1800 is huge in comparison to our hero's and villian's stack size. The situation shows that either hero or Villain called a 3-bet. Here A and J is blocked, so we can most likely assume villain has a combination of KK, QQ, KQ , QTs or any high pair combination (if he is not a fish). We have too much of a strong hand and chips committed to fold. If we call, the villian is likely to fold because the board is very dry. We want to maximize our value so letting our villian bluff is a smart choice.

If the villian has J* or pocket 4, that is unlucky. However, his betting tells me that he is c-betting or testing the water. If he has J* or 44, he is likely to slow-play, knowing that he has the best hand. Betting is a bad choice for several reasons. 1) Hero is likely to fold if he does not have a really strong hole cards. 2) Villian does not need to protect his hand 3) Given the preflop raises and the position, there is a high possibility that the hero c-bets. Give the rope to our hero and let him hang himself. The villian does not need to do all the dirty work.

In the end, we cannot always assume the worst case. There are so many hand combination that villian will call or bluff. Therefore, our hero should play passively here. 

Assumption #1

Blind level is 50/100. 


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