I think its a real pleasure to take part in the monthly Premier league.  3rd month in a row now, after getting promoted from Open league at 2nd attempt.  Only just avoided relegation last month and managed to sneak in top 500 for $20 in first month.  I lasted a good 6 months in Premier but could not be bothered to attempt promotion again from Open League.  It really is just alot of lottery all-in players that  are so loose and the amount of time the beat my AA is unbelievable.

Its definately helping my tournament play and I am getting better all the time I feel. Seeing familiar faces at tables and playing for such great prize money every month for free, I think its class.

Real good feeling to be part of something competative in poker, like the old days of playing  pool in league etc. Almost like being part of a community and the same players are on the STTs daily too. Apart from the minority of abusive bad losers, it is generally a good friendly poker bunch and wish London was closer to get involved in the VIP Club thing.

Any thoughts on your views of Leagues on stars?