I have noticed that for the first 2 or 3 levels people tend to play a little loose.
Maybe it is because of the low blinds. But after a few blinds people get a little tighter.
So in the beginning if you have some cards, and position, get lucky you may just pick up enough chips to make it all the way to the money. But if you are like me you end up getting busted with good hands.
I try to play only cat 1-4 hands sometimes a cat 5 in position. The loose player will get in there and pick up the hand so what do I do? I have tryed playing strong aggressive makeing bets 5 to 7 times the blinds and get called with weak hands. I have tryed to play conservatively only betting 3-5 times get raised . Just play slow and call. nothing is working. So what is the answer.I have gotten a little leery of playing hands.
I am going to continue to play strong aggressive and hope I can improve my game and get in the scoring this month.