When I first started playing this game, I played with emotion. A choice I have learned from. After sitting here playing all the players of PSO, I disovered a secret to poker and in some cases, Life. I am not the only one who knows this. I am not the first to know this. I am just one who learned it from the great teachers of PSO. The players I play.

The strategyes taught to me by the words of Pros has given me an understanding of this game which helps me when I play. Thanks to you and Merry Chritmas.

I have learned to play this game because I love the game. Yes, the money is a nice reward for playing a game which requires a lot of skill, luck never hurts either, but 99% skill is required when it comes to this game and players of the game. Thank you for your teachings. I have much more to learn before I can start making final more often then not. Which is my goal.

I now play this game with one emotion, happiness because I get to play. If I lose or win my emotion remains the same, Happy. The anger I see at the tables once and awhile shows me what I used to do when I first started playing. Please forgive me for my anger.

Here is my present to all PSO players. Beginners or experienced. It's not much of a gift, but it does come the heart, the heart of poker.

Play the game your way. Always remember to not let certain emotions effect your game or style. And always remember your opponent plays their way. Even if their way may be reckless and unusual, try to not get mad  or frustrated. I should know, others anger towards me when I was learning hurt and made me frustrated. Teach them if you can about this game, even if it means taking their chips. It is how I learned. You taught me this way.

My present is not an easy one to unwrapp. But when you do. You will find the poker player in you.
So, there is my BIG secret.  Now lets play some poker!

Merry Christams and Happy Holidays. Take care.