Yesterday I had KK while in the SB. A decent hand from that position, but not the safest to play when raised from early or mid position. The blinds were 150 and a raise to 600 was made. I did not raise my Kings. To do so would have been a move not suited to my position. On the flop I hit a K. I had the set and the player that made the raise went all in. Had a feeling he was playing Pocket Aces and I was correct. I called his all in because I had the set which only gave him two outs. The turn came and to my suprise the player hit an A giving him top hand on the board.

The player said HAHA in the chat window. Don't know why he was laughing, maybe the player thought they had made a great move and not just gotten lucky to hit one of their outs. Checked on that player later in the tourney and saw they had been taken out not long after me. Just goes to show that a lucky win always bites back eventually. I should know I have been bitten more then once.

This expeience of watching my set get beat has made me weary of any pocket pair. Yes the hand is strong pre-flop, but the cards that get flipped can change that quickly. As far as Pocket QQ, JJ, or 1010, goes, I never raise them when facing a raise. Lately I have found myself playing them to the flop and folding, or folding them before the flop depending on the position of the raiser. Folded QQ yesterday because the raise came from 3rd position. I put the the player on an AQ hand. I was correct AQs. I would have hit the set, but the player would have hit the flush. The Q I hit would have given the player reason to call me and the flush draw would have as well. So I am happy that I have learned to lay down some hands I used to play all the time thinking they were unbeatable.

If you find yourself in the same situation as I have been in. Stop, take some time to look at position, raise, and your position. That time you take to do that can make the difference when trying to make final table or keep your stack from being drained. Sometimes, like my set kings, you either win or lose. Don't ever get angry about it, just learn from it. I have, trust me I have.

Good luck to all and have fun at the tables. If you see me there, don't call me when I raise. Just kidding. Just say Hi and play your game the way you feel is best for you. I am pretty sure you have your way and it works for you. Take care and let's play some poker.