For me this is not an easy task. I have had to start from a 0.00 balance. Using the winnings from PSO I have turned it into a small bankroll which is growing. Slowly it increases. I only play micro for right now. So unless I make final table where the bigger payoff is, I only make enough to help my bankroll grow a little. I play the MTT tourneys, not for the cash, but for the expeience. To get better at this game I have to first find the grove that gets me to final often and not once and awhile. This way I can turn my small bankroll into a six digit one. That is my goal. I would one day like to play against "KIDPOKER" and test my ability to play this game. Been watching him play for two years now, most of my style comes from his advice.

One day I dream of being the one who wins a bracelet. I have a long way to go, but I have found out, if you don't have a dream then life is alot harder to deal with.

I have 3.19 in my bankroll at this time. This is the money i can play poker with. I have two kids and bills. To invest money I do not have would not be a responsible thing to do. So I can only invest the money which I have earned with the cards I have played at the table. I have watched my bankrool for the last week go up and down, but now it grows a little eachday.

To all those out there whom watch their bankrolls vanish. Take your time when you play this game. Patience can and will pay off. Trust me I have watched money vanish in more ways then one, but it never stops me from doing what I love. It just makes me realize that sometimes the best way to make money is to make it from nothing. Remember I said I started with 0.00 and now have 3.19. To some this may not seem alot, but to me it is a sign that I play poker well enough to earn what I have.

I don't play for the money. I play because I love this game and I get to meet new people on a daily basis. I live in the country, so not much to do out here, except work the land and play poker. You may see me on the tables alot for the next couple of months. This is because there is snow on the ground. I have not figured out how to grow food with snow on the ground yet. When I do I will be sure to share the secret. Plus I do household chores while I play. I wish my dog would help me, but she just stares at me.

Anyways, all players out there. Stay positive. Do not let your emotions play your cards. Keep control of them and you may find a talent you never knew you had. How to play poker with skill and even read an opponents hand like you can see his cards. Never let the sight of your bankroll influence your card playing, and I mean never. Your bankroll means nothing at the table in a MTT, SNG, or even a ring game.

Good luck to all of you and I hope that some of the things I say help you find your way in this game and maybe even life. Stay positive, and believe in yourself.