The last couple of days has brought me some bad beats early on in the PSO tourneys. My points dropped pretty hard. The sad part is; one of the tourneys I lost to two hands, a 10 2 off took my whole stack both times. I had Ak off from SB and A10s  from Dealer. The A10 was my faught for not throwing in a raise with a limper right before me and SB an BB in front of me. The AK I raised five times the blind and SB called me with a 10 2 and hit the same hand as the last 10 2, a fullhouse. Both times I had hit on the flop and had strong hands. The river killed me big time. So watch out for them 10 2 hands.

Took some losses because of not paying attention to the bets and board in the other tourneys. Oh well, it happens. I know that the chances of winning every time I play depend on my hands and the opponents hand, but it really depends on the flop, turn, and of course the scary river which changes a great hand into a very poopy one. No pun intended.

Last night I bounced back up in my points. Placing in 30th during the 10pm tourney. I found my grove and I stuck with it this time the whole game. May have even made it to final if I would have not been short stacked and pushed from early position with a QJs. My choice to do so from early position sent me to the rail, not with a frown or upset, but with a smile. I pushed and I was called by a very strong hand. Just goes to show, you never know what your opponent has or will do with the cards they have. My push from first position with QJ off worked and forced folds all the way around, but my QJs push from 3rd position was called. Being short stacked, especially when everyone on the table has 60,000 or more in their stack, and I have 19,000, is never easy. However, I was short stacked the two times I made final.

Never let a short stack create fear when you play. I had 1,414 chips and SB cost me 1,000 of it. Had Ah and 7s, won 7,000 with a four draw flush. I bounced back from that and soon had 21,000 in my stack. Next time I will remember, trying to push with a small stack against so many big stacks is never really a good move late in the game. Especially if final table is where you want to end up. Another lesson learned. I had fun though and played against some very well mannered poker players.