Today I played with pride and not the way I usually do. I believe I let the two final table finishes go to my head. Thank you to the players that took my stack today. If you had not played the hands you did I believe I may have never realized I was playing with pride. It will not happen anymore. Now i will just play my hands the way I have since I started playing this game. My pride blinded me to the hands of my opponents, and the fact they had me beat. I wasn't  reading the bets or position, instead I fell back to playing just my hand and having my pride tell me it was strong when the board, bet, and position of my opponent clearly told me my hand was not a winner for that board. Another lesson learned. Never let pride get in the way of reality.

To all those who get cocky like I did. Look what happened to me. I hit the rail and hit it hard.  Pride is not a good strategy when playing poker. I started out playing with the belief that my AA or KK or QQ or any top pre-flop hand was going to win because I had iit and bet it. I slipped back into that way of thinking. Hopefully it never happens again.