Since playing in the PSO, I have never made final table. Came close with a 13th posittion finish, Yesterday though I made final table, not once, but twice. Finished 2nd in Pso 10am torney and 4th in 5:30pm tourney. I love final table. The rush that comes from making it there and placing in the top 9 is a felling that I have no words to explain. I made it there by playing my way. The strategies I have learned helped me to finally find my grove when it comes to this game. Pso has taught me more about this game in 18 days then I have learned in the last two years of playing. Thank you Pokerstars for creating the PSO and helping future players truly understand the game. I now realize that poker is a game of skill, not luck. Luck can only get you so far in this game. I will admitt, two hands I played during the tourney were river suckouts. I only played the hands because of position and a feeling they were strong. Sitting at the same table for two hours gave me a very good read on the other players and their betting habits. Those reads are what caused me to call their bets. Blinds were 100 and I called a 300 raise with pocket Q's. Hit a set on the flop. The player next to me went all in with an AJ off on the flop because of an A on the board. I had the set so I raised it to scare out other players, which worked, and i won a very big stack. Now I must tune my heads up game. I seem to get in a rush during heads up and lose most of the time because of it. So this will be my next lesson study, how to win when playing heads up. Good luck to all in your future of playing poker. Always remember, " You have to know when to holdem or foldem. " Trust your instinct sometimes. I made some tough calls yesterday. Thankfull I did. Those tough calls won me nice stacks. A bit of advice for all. If you wish to bluff, make sure you pick the right time and player to do it too. Or your bluff will cost you more then your stack, it will cost you the game.