I noticed while playing this tourney that I finished in 13th, do not play to many hands during small blinds. Too many players like to call or raise weird hands and seem to get real lucky. It was like my KK from mid position that was beat by a 75 suited. not by a flush but by two pair. Lost half my stack over that hand. Good thing I had a nice stack to begin with. I folded KK from the same position later in the game to an all in. Good thing I did, the player had AA and hit a set on the flop. I would have hit a set as well. Hard to fold such a nice hand, but thankful I did. I only played 16% of my hands in this tourney. Was 100% on showdown wins, and had 12 wins with no showdown. I was shocked with those stats, It seems that watching the cards while playing this game can help a player to read hands and knw which ones will hit or lose. Not always accurate, but it works. I had 34 off from BB. All day long I watched this hand win from that very same position. A player went all in, blinds were 5000. I had 6000 left in my stack after paying BB. I called because I felt this hand was going to win. I watched it win all day. I won with a straight. His hand was not good enough for an all in bet, KQ off. It seems that paying attention to the cards can help a player decide if their hand has potential to win or lose. It does not guarentee a win, but it does help in making some hard choices. Just like folding my KK. Good luck all and pay attention.