Yesterday I played two PSO tourneys. Placed 132nd in one and 75th in the other. Checked on my rank this morning and saw that I am 556 on the board. For me this is a great accomplishment, one that gives me hope when playing this wonderful game. I realized yesterday while playing that fear has alot to do with the amount of hands that can be won. I made some very good calls yesterday after seeing the river. Other players kept trying to bluff me out of a pot when I had a good hand, not top hand, but a good one. What helped me to make these calls was rewindining the betting since the flop. It seem to give me some insight into what my opponent  had lying face down. Or maybe I was lucky, not sure. The calls however won me some very big pots. When the blinds start hitting in the 1200 or more I seem to wait to long for a hand and get my stack eaten by the blinds. Have to work on that part of my game some more. I learn something everday. Thank you PSO and the players that are enrolled. Hard to learn poker when you have no one to play. All the players in this league are a challenge and I am happy to be able to play all of them. Thank you players of PSO. Oh yeah, I am up to 10 cents now from a beginning of 0.00.