I have tried many different playing styles, but only one seems to work best for me. It is  the one I use now. Smetimes I forget and use a different playing style and that is when I usually make a call that cost me many chips or sends me to the rail. I must learn to not always call because I believe my hand is best. So, I remeber one thing while playing. My opponent has no reason to want to lose their chips. It seems to help me most of the time when making those tough calls after the river has been shown. Now I must learn how to perfect this style and use it to win. Not easy for me at all. I love this game and I'm not afraid to call when I believe I have top hand. My betting is what I have trouble doing. Sometimes I trap well and other times I set traps that trap me instead of my opponent. Oh well, something learned is something usefull when it comes to this game of deception.