On the 8th I had been up all night and day taking care of my daughter. She was sick. Three years old and her temp was going over 103 degrees. Took her to the hospital then brought her home. Had to stay up all night with her, so I could keep an eye on her temp. I was so tired that I called an all in with a A 10 of clubs from early  position with three all ins. I was so tired that my mind could not keep up with my fingers pushing the button. I called and of course I lost. I realize now that playing this game when tired can and will effect your ability to count outs and figure out odds. Will never again play the game when I am tired. Took a hard hit in points and rank. At least I learned something. A 10 suited sucks from early position when re-raised by mid or late position. I knew I should fold it, but I didn't. I guess I was hoping to get lucky or I was too tired to care. Not sure, that's how tired I was. Plus I was worried about my daughter. To much on my mind that night to play poker. My daughter is fine now. Her temp finally went back down to normal as of today. Now I can play some poker with a clearer mind then that night.