Hi guys,

Well that’s me back from a mostly enjoyable two weeks of poker.  I have found a lot of success, proving to myself that I was more than capable of crushing 2 and 5nl, while also more than reaching my goal of 10,000 hands (18,615 over two weeks while working full time .) 

Before I upload any graphs of my progress, I want to mention a couple of things.  First of all, I have noticed that it seems a lot easier to make money at the regular table compared to zoom.  Personally, I have found that players playing zoom poker tend to be in general tighter.  I am not saying they are better players, but when they don’t have it they can easily fold as they will just see another hand quickly.  This eliminates the component of being card dead for a long time and also makes their opening ranges much tighter, and subsequently I find it makes it harder to make money from the fish.  On the regular speed tables, the fish will literally play every hand and are very happy to get it in very light.  This is obviously a very easy area to exploit.

Also I want to make a quick mention of the micro millions currently going on.  I am not a big tournament player.  I don’t have the time to sit for a lot of hours at once to play poker, due to work, studies, and the social aspects of being a student.  However I did play one event on Saturday night, event 12 NL hold ‘em big antes.  I dont know why I decided to play it, just fancied my chances I guess.  It turns out I ran pretty well, and made it quite deep, ultimately finishing 223rd out of 23236.  For not playing many tournaments, I am quite pleased with this resulted as it gave me nearly 10x the buy in.  I don’t know how many more events I will play but I hope to play in 5 so I can get entry to the all in shootouts.

Anyway, back to the cash table.  This is my graph for the first two weeks.

http://s1383.photobucket.com/user/avatar26711/media/cashgametwoweekgraph_zps54095311.png.html?sort=3&o =0

It looks pretty sweet, and I was crushing it for two weeks.  But I do have to admit I was on a massive heater, getting a lot of very good hands in a lot of good spots.  I hope the winrate continues but I doubt it.

I moved up to 5nl after about a week (12500 hands), and with my current bankroll I hope to be at 10nl come the end of next two weeks, but we will have to see. 

My goals for the next two weeks are to play another 15000 hands and to get to a bankroll to comfortably play 10nl again. and hopefully be winning at a decent rate.

Starting bankroll $22
Current Bankroll $142.82
FPP’s   771.7

Anyways, this has been quite a long blog entry so ill wrap it up.  Any feedback would be great and beyond that, see you at the tables,