Hey all




Im a recreational poker player from Scotland.  I am currently living in Edinburgh where I am studying at university.  

I have been playing poker on pokerstars now for about 6 months, however only semi-seriously for about 2.  I was able to use the money I got from the bankroll promotion on this site and got up to a bankroll which allowed me to multitable 10nl.  However, I got far too cocky, thinking I was brilliant at the game, and lost all but $20.  I made mistakes getting to this point, however upon checking graphs on the free poker database, it turns out I wasnt playing badly and just took shots at the wrong time.

Now I am really going to try and devote myself to make my game improve.  I also want to try and get to 25nl in 12 months if possible. To do this I am going to do a couple of things differently to the way I did them before.

1)    Instead of playing 4 table of zoom poker, I am going to begin playing 8-12 table of regular 6-max NLHE games.  I hope this will allow me to take more useful notes, and also be able to choose tables and thus my opposition.

2)    I am going to adhere to a strict bankroll management as I attempt to move up.  It will begin quite aggresively as I know I can beat 2, 5 and 10nl at a semi decent rate.  After this it will become more conservative to avoid a repeat of last time.  My initial intentions are the following;

Limit                    Take a Shot                      Move Back Down

2nl                        $20                                    N/A

5nl                        $80                                    $60

10nl                      $200                                  $160

25nl                      $625                                  $500

3)    Im going to begin reviewing my sessions and look at my poker hand statistics more frequently to discover where the leaks are in my game.

4)   I intend to keep a blog on a fortnightly basis, so I can monitor my game and make sure I stick to my poker goals and aims.  This will include making short and long term targets and areas to improve, along with uploading graphs, some statistics and also some hands that I had particular trouble with.

5)   Finally, I intend to maintain a weekly quantity in my poker playing in terms of number of hands per fortnight.  I hope this help me be commited to poker, however if I ever feel overwhelmed at any point and feel it is affecting my game, I will reduce thes numbers.

For the first fortnight I intend to play about 10,000 hands if possible, and just hope to be in the black for the first time period.

I hope to get some feedback on my progress and some pointers that anyone has that may help me improve.

Until next time, avatar