So its been a while but ive finally managed another live game. Actually 2 in 3 days haha.. 

I'll report them in chronological order, so the first game i played was a home game with a group of friends, with a very wide range of skill levels, from total beginners to a semi serious local league player.

We had 9 players and i drew the button to start and played relatively coservativly for about half an hour and just sat back and obsereved peple around me, seeing what i could pick up. The first hand i played was a mistake, i got bored and impatient and when it folded round to me on the button with Q2s i opened for 3xBB, SB folded and BB called.. Flop came 10 6 2 rainbow and i C-bet for around 3/4 of the pot and once again BB just flat called, turn came 5 spades to complete the rainbow at this point i got a bit arrogant (BB was a newbie) and decided i could buy the pot and hence i overbet by about 300. The pot at this point is around 750, easily the biggest pot so far and once agian he called. River was an A diamonds and I started to think at this point (not helped by the beers that were flowing at the same time) but i did check thinking he might have called me down with Ax and just hoping to hit. He turned over JJ and i ashamadly mucked my hand and continued drinking..

From this point i was severly short stacked and when dealt pocket 6's i raised 3x again with the intention of getting it in on the flop, we'd had several all ins before this for slightly larger stacks that didnt get any action so was trying to induce a call.. Only managed 1 caller so we saw the flop heads up, flop came K 10 4 with 2 clubs, the villain supprised me by snap shoving, leaving me pondering laying it down and hoping for another spot, but after thinking for a while i called, figuring him on a flush draw but lo and behold he turns over KK leaving me chasing runner runner 6's which didnt come so it was off to the couch for me. 

We did play a second cash game later in the evening which i won about $70 in, but by this time everyone was quite lubricated so dont have much to report... 

My second outing was a sunday afternoon pub league at my favourite watering hole so thoguht id rock up and have a bit of fun. Was a $20 buy in with $500 guarenteed for 1st place, this didnt leave much for anyone else but i was never expecting to win in my first attempt. Initially it was daunting sitting down at a table where everyone else seemed to know each other and were busy discussing a previous game. However the league has an add on system where u purchase 2-3 drinks to double the starting stack at the first break, so i loosened up a little as we went along and everyone on my table seemed to be quite friendly, with alot of light hearted banter being thrown around.. 

I got lucky in about the 3rd hand of the tourny, getting dealt AQh in the cut off, there was one limper when it came round to me so raised 4x BB (3x plus one for the limper) both blinds folded and the limper called. Flop was J 3 6 rainbow, it was checked to me and i fired out a 3/4 pot bet and after about a 3 minute deliberation he called, turn came out an A and it was checked back to me, i bet the pot and he folded. That calmed the nerves considerably and helped me relax alot.

Next interesting hand i was dealt pocket Jacks in the SB, Cutoff raised 3x Button and i called behind. Flop came A K 5 with 2 hearts, we all checked, turn was a 3 spades, cutoff put out a min bet and button and i called, river was a 7 of clubs and it was checked all the way round again. Cutoff showed 6's, Button 10's leaving my J's to take it down.

Played pretty conservitivly, shoving last hand before the break on the botton with A9 when it came round to me, BB tanked it for a bit then folded so picked up a couple of blinds. Shortly after coming back from the break, i commited my usual error, i chased a flush right down to the river costing me about 1/3 of my stack.

After that the cards stopped coming for me and i didnt see anythign remotely like a playable hand for a 3-4 orbits, by this time i was short stacked and into shoving mode. It folded round to me on the button with A9 agian, though suited this time, so in went my chips, the SB was all in iwth the blinds and BB folded, he flipped K5o and off we went.. the flop and turn hit niether of us but he spiked a 5 on the river to take the 0.5 BB pot.

The next hand i played was the hand i exited on, i was in the SB with QJcc, there was one limper in front and after i shoved he thought for several minutes and finally called, if he'd lost he would've been in trouble chip wise, and turned over K10o, Flop came K 9 6 with 2 clubs but i didnt improve on the last two streets and finished about 15/27..

Overall it was a fun experience and i certainly learnt alot. One observation i made was that alot of small suited connectors were being played. Most hands that went to a showdown were small two pairs, another thing was that everyone seemed very happy to check most flops unless they'd connected really well, but would still call any resonable C-bet..

I will definiteley be going back most weeks because i had alot of fun and learnt some more about playing live and paying attention to things like pot sizes and things.. 

Till next time..