I posted this some time ago and of course neglected to take up the challenge.

I found the hardest part of doing a challenge if your not single is trying to find the time and balance to do so.

I think I'm at a point where I can do this now, so again I'm reposting the original blog with a few alterations. Wish Me Luck............

I’m an Australian born and based online poker player.

Following the fallout after Black Friday I withdrew all my funds from the various online poker sites, yes it was a kneejerk reaction but I like money as most of you do and had no real idea of what was occurring.

Since then things have changed for me, most importantly I brought a house, so funds are now not so freely available to splash around. Not that I ever was a big buyin player, I mainly played micro MTT’s and the best result I ever booked was a 16th in the PokerStars $3 rebuy.

Following my long hiatus from online poker however, I’ve felt the urge to play again. I’m going to attempt what many have attempted and succeeded and that’s starting from the micros and slowly working my way up.

Yes I know I’ll most likely be wanting to stab my eyes out at the bad beats I’m going to take in playing the micro tournaments, however I’m also hopeful it’s going to teach me some other things, discipline, patience and a respect for my poker bankroll. I understand if I’m going to succeed later on with a bigger bankroll that I’m going to have to learn these attributes now.

This blog will attempt to follow my online poker journey from the micros to who knows? Enough to pay off all those house bricks sounds good.

I'm starting with $28.00 more than enough to play the $0.11c MTT's and Multi table SNG's. I'll also hope to play the standard Pokerstars freerolls and try and qualify to play any tournaments available via the Pokerstars School.

Here we go.