After being called and watching others get referred to as donks I decided to do some research into donk betting and to my surprise found out that being called a donk isn't necessarily the insult that the caller thinks it is. 

After much reading I have come to the conclusion that donk betting is actually used by many "good" poker players quite successfully and is no longer only used by poker noobies, the trick is going to be figuring out who and when other players are using this strategy to their advantage.

Firstly what actually constitutes a "donk bet", the general rule of thumb is:

'betting out of position (you must act first) without the betting initiative (you did not make the last bet or raise on the previous betting round)'

If I have correctly understood what I have been reading about this subject then the following are strategies I'll definitely be adding to my arsenal.

Using a donk bet against a LAG who has mastered the art of Cbetting and bluffing is a great way to really muck up the strategic thinking of this type of player, for one thing they aren't going to expect this type of bet and will more than likely have a lot of trouble adjusting to this type of play and by taking away their previously effective strategy I can significantly increase my own win rate.

Using donk betting makes it hard for other players to establish accurate ranges on both sides of the betting action and can be very effective especially if the other player isn't expecting the donk bet.  This means I will need to pay particular attention on how the other player adjusts to my donk bet strategy, if they appear to be having trouble adjusting - use it to my advantage. 

The goal when playing against a LAG is to stop them from playing well while making my own play difficult to counter, by leading into them they lose their ability to play the flop well.

Donk betting can work better if my table image is tight, I need to make sure my timing and understanding of the board texture and opponent style is bang on.

A donk bet can also be used as an effective bluff to steal pots from NIT players.

I definitely need to do more research into this strategy as its becoming more and more interesting the deeper I delve.

Any feedback from others is greatly appreciated