I have always been a person who enjoys games of chance.  I am a pretty darn good Backgammon player, a very good Cribbage player and with the right partner I will give anyone a run for their money playing Euchre.  Now I want to learn how to be a great poker player.  

I joined Pokerstars quite a few years ago and have played off and on for most of them, more off than on for the most part, it started out as a way to have a bit of inexpensive fun when I was unable to work for a few months.  It helped to pass the time  and kept my mind active instead of parking myself in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn watching soaps and such.

I finally decided towards the end of last year to actually get serious and learn the finer points of the game with the intention to be able to hold my own against the best and make some spending money along the way which I can use to treat myself when I acheive my goals.

After reading up on the Poker Stars website I came across the link for the School, so I decided to check it out.  I joined the school in November of last year fought my way through the Open Skill League and made it into the Premier League for December, an achievement I'm quite proud of considering the style of play that is found in the OSL.

In December I discovered the Poker School Home Games Club so I joined up just in time to start playing the 12 days of Christmas, where I was able to place 10th on the monthly leaderboard and 3rd in the Standings for the Home Games Club for December, another achievement I'm proud of.

I'm not the best poker player that I want to be (YET) by far, I make mistakes and I make good plays, the important thing is I recognise this and want to plug the leaks in my game and improve on the better points. 

So I asked myself :  What defines a school?

The best definition I have come across so far:   an institution for instruction in a particular skill or field.

I then asked myself:  What do I want from the PokerSchool?

After reading other players posts and comments I decided there are two things of great important to me

Firstly:  I want and expect to be treated with respect and have my questions answered in a polite way and not with sarcasm, ridicule or in a patronising manner because someone may think in their mind that my question is stupid.  If I am asking a question it is because I truly do not understand or cannot get my head around some of the poker "speak" and need clarification so I can "get it".  I  was always taught that there is no such thing as a stupid question so I keep that in the forefront of my mind when ever I am trying to help someone with something they aren't "getting" but that I have got an understanding of, I expect the same in return.

Therefore I would expect that if someone does find any of my questions to be 'in their mind' stupid that they stop their fingers from typing that sarcastic or patronising comment and move on to a question that they feel is worthy of their comment.  I'm sure there will be some kind, experienced person(s) who will come along and help me "get it" with their reply.

Secondly:  I want to be able to help others and pay it forward with the knowledge and experience that I will obtain from my "studies" at the PokerSchoolOnline.  I will always treat people with dignity and respect they deserve and share the best knowledge I can.  If I personally don't know the answer  I will try to direct them to who or where they can find the answer.

Now that my expectations are out in the open for all to read, these are the goals I have set for myself for the first part of 2014, these will have to be updated and adjusted once my seasonal work period begins in the Spring

1: Learn Learn Learn, attend at minimum of 2 Live Training sessions a week
2: Learn Learn Learn, read everything I can from the Pros and the more experienced players whom I respect
3: Post hands for analysis and learn to use the tools available on the forum to increase my knowledge
4: Learn and understand poker "speak", start a comprehensive list for myself in my blog, which will hopefully in turn help others who are just starting out and are not sure what some of the abbreviations mean
5: Play a minimum of 8 SNG's per day as well as the Skill League and PSO Home Games I am online for and cash the majority of course
6: Talk with the more experienced players I respect and get their advice and guidance in areas I'm unsure of
7: Learn Learn Learn Learn Learn Learn
8: Always be respectful to others both in the forum and on the tables, treating others the way I want to be treated and to never forget that this is a "school", everyone learns at different paces and at different levels and speeds.