I had just finished my last posting and the very first hand I played was a bluff, so as in the title, 'when to use them', I have no idea, I am still a newbie and learning each time I play.  I have gotten a bit better at seeing them beingused. When someone goes all-in an you have nothing even though you are sure it's a bluff there still could be a pair backing it up and with nothing in your hand plus very little invested in the pot would it be wise to call or just let this Villian have his victory and maybe trap him later. I let the bluff win as I had $0.75 in the pot, a pair of 4s against 3 broadway board cards any of which this Villian may have had, II was not about 2 defend my 6 bits against a $5 bet. So when to bluff? I am terrible at this part of the game and most bluffs I make are because a very promising hand has fallen apart and my bluff is done more out of desperation in trying 2 save the hand, probably the very worst time to bluff. I know I should just take the loss instead of making it a bigger loss. I suck at deception so it makes me easy to read. You could have a hard time finding someone worse to give you help with bluffs. They are something you plan to do before the hand starts, that is about the most I know about this side of the game, later all, Len.