Well i managed to use up all my 52 chances by about mid month, pushed back to Rank 913 in this last week, about 100+  spots so I figure I am on my way back to Elementary which is not really that bad. It makes me realize I need to use some restraint in this League play If I want to remain in the higher levels. It also makes a person use their chances with a little bit of thought. I used none and was half asleep during many of my tourneys. the thought that I would run out of chances never entered into my thoughts so when the the little message said I had used up my 52 chances I was surprised, this little reminder will make me use my chances with a little more caution during the month of August so in the long run this will turn out to be a good lesson learned by me. As said I was half asleep during many of these, that will not happen again so Lesson #1 already picked up, many times I was so tired I basically threw the tourney away by going all-in every round until I finally got my butt kicked out of the tourney, another thing that will not happen again, it ties in with #1. I will make sure I am wide awake and alert as I tend to be when playing cash. I happen to think the 'being alert' is a huge step in becoming a better player. When you are focused on what is happening at the table it probably gives you 5-10 extra wins per hour, you notice little things that tell you the villian has air for back-up on his/hers bluff hands. I said in an earlier posting that I play 3 different sites, mostly here but some time at the others. One of the first things I noticed was many hands  ended with no pair from any in the hand, meanwhile at PS each hand is played as it there must be something huge in most of the hands so it made me realize PS players are doing a lot more bluffing than most of us realize, the problem there is when the Villian bets half or more of a $20 pot do you want to toss in $15 to see if his hand is made mostly of hope? Tough choices, but the early play may give you a bit of info, that is where being alert and wide awake makes things so important, instead of letting $10 of your stack go you may add $20-$25 to your stack. Each hand tells a story and if we read it properly we can turn it into a win and make the Villian respect your play the next time you meet, thats about it, hope you all had a great weekend, Len.