I cannot seem to get into a tournament mode of play, I end up making 1 maybe 2 bets then shoving if no one has raised against my bets, it get me into trouble but I just take the inaction of the others as a weakness I might be able to use. I understand this is probably not the right way to go about it, as said it causes me trouble but more often than not I come away with an extra stack. It is the players that are trapping that I do not notice, not a lot of them but it only takes 1 per tourney to bump me out. In cash games this happens but once you make a couple bets there you shound be pre or post Turn and have a bit of an idea about traps being set, why I can't do this figuring in tourneys has me messed up and because of that my quest for a FT is still just a hope. I feel as if my one close call when the storm knocked out the power and I fininshed in 17th place would surely have been the tourney where I would have gotten that elusive FT, but it was not to be that day. So I struggle with my tourney play and do decently at the cash tables. I think some of the problem comes from the cost, even though $ is not an issue with me I do watch what I do with it so I probably watch the play at cash tables a bit more that a free stack in a tourney, that extra time taken looking over things could be the big difference, maybe just putting it down in writing was all I needed, hopefully any others with this problem can gain some insight from this posting, hope so, later, Len.