Cash games and tournaments are two different animals, they may use the same tools for the games but that is about all they have in common, I have been doing very well at cash games on the 3 sites I play the game on, get blind sided from time to time but that just makes me work a little harder to grind my way back up the ladder. no one is going to win all the time but if you can keep a couple tables with 2 buy-ins or more things will work out on the + side. I enjoy the cash games and I have made a deal with myself. I mostly plat NL2 or NL5 and if I manage to do very good my reward is playing NL25 with a stop line at a 2 buy-in loss. if that happens I must move back down and rebuild from there, for me it helps me from becoming too wired in seeing large stacks that I try making mine. Also at NL2 or NL5 it feels good when most of the tables I am playing are above 2 buy-ins, that is a much more difficult to do at NL25, so those lower levels help keep me grounded and not let my head get too big on how well I play, at best I am an average player working on getting better, it is nice playing a level or two above my skills and coming out with a 2 or more buy-in stack but reality is I am still a long way from playing there on a full time basis. It is not the $ keeping me from playing those levels (I am lucky in that part of the game) full time, I just know it is above my ability at this time. Maybe in the future if I keep on with the studing and learning, I have learned I am terrible at bluffing so I try to stay away from that as much as I can. So that is my outlook on the cash game.

Tournament play is where I need a lot more work on my skills, I sadly but honestly know I am a lousy tourney player who gets beat up on in many tournaments, yes I get lucky from time to time but that is exactly what it is, luck, not skill that helps me accomplish some gains in tourney play. I am glad I can look at it in this way because it forces me to work harder at getting better. I am one of those people who believe if you are going to do something then do it well or learn more about it if that is not possible, I cannot just do things halfway, it is all or nothing for me in most things I do. That is why my work in real life has paid off so well, I put a 110% into it and if that is not enough then I try even harder. If I can accomplish in this game what I have in real life I will be very happy, that about wraps it up, hope you are all having a great weekend, later, Len.