I figured I would be at the FT without much problem,  had a huge stack and # of players left was 60 or around that, I was smiling as my stack was large enough to allow me to steal blinds when I had half made hands, a half hour I figued I would be sitting at the elusive FT then the dreaded thing called Varience stepped into the room and when I checked later I had made it to 17th place. Varience in this case was not a Bad Beat it was Mother Nature showing her power by shutting mine off.We are having a huge wind and rain storm and it killed the power for about 3 hours. It had me worried a lot as in my walk-in freezer at this time there is almost 6000 pounds of frozen fillets that are worth $8 per pound. It got a bit hectic as I quickly got the generators running but sadly I do not have the house hooked into that system so had to grin and bare it, I am sure I will still reach my FT but I was in a funk over my lost chance, hope you all did much better than I, later, Len.