Not sure about my rank, 226 as I write this but just finished my second in a row of tourneys I placed in, not deep as in under 100 players but close, a couple more rounds might have given me that but sadly I ran into the one player at the table that I had not seen lose a single hand which of course included my last hand. I could have played turtle and just puled back and waited for the blinds to eat me up as I waited for aa,kk or qq, I certainly would have gotten under the 100 mark but that is not my style of play. I had good cards my last hand but not good enough to crack the winners streak of wins, it happens, it could have gone the other way but not so, today anyways, maybe next time. I will get points which is the object we seek in these School tourneys so I could say mission accomplished but it does not feel that way at all, it feels like a loss, that one player I should have avoided, again not my style, have not backed down from too many things so far in this life and I do not see it starting to happen while playing a card game. I did my best and came up a little short, it happens to all of us so everyone knows how I feel at the moment, hopefully you all do better than I did, later Len.