I played my third High School tourney earlier, tanked badly on the first two and picked up zero points but the 3rd gave me some hope, finished in the money and picked up over 40 points so my rank is in the 200s at this time, after two months playing this new league I cannot imagine going back. I admit I was sceptical when I first looked it over but I misread some and had doubts it would work, now the doubts are long gone and I think this system is great.


Also took a few heavy hits at the cash games but hung in there and that paid off in a very large way, managed to add half again my BR at another site I play now and again and here I picked up just under $400 US, all said and done I was a happy camper, hope you all did as well or better, later, Len.

PS I was right about the Jackpot dropping, 3 School Pass tickets in 3 days, It has never been that generous, congrats to the winner.