2 weeks ago my position in the Elementary League was 9000+, it made me laugh as I never thought I could play so badly, yes I consider myself still a Fish as it is  8&1/2 months since since I first played this game, I had watch it played many times but never played myself so with less than a years experience I honestly believe I am still a Newbe that has a load of things still needed on my need to learn list. As for the promotion I was given some very good advice on how to proceed and sure enough by using that advice I managed to climb a very steep hill, I made it to around 1500. I had no expectation on making the cut so this is a very big deal for me. The smartest thing I have done is listen to what some Bracelett winners have told me on things I asked about and things they knew about and passed on to me. As said this is a big deal for me, never would I have said I was moving up to High School for July, but here I am all ready to try my best at a higher level, hopefully I do better than I did for the first two weeks of June. Thanks for the  help guys, appreciated greatly.

I entered a School Pass  tournament and not too far into it I walked into a real Bad Beat that left me with $20 in chips. Naturally I thought the tourney was over for me as I went all-in with my whole stack , came away with $80 so again an all-in which made my stack $360 I think. Then I hit AA which made my stack 1200+, very next hand was KK which bumped me up to just under $4000. I settled in after that and played myself into the last 100 players, bumped out at 41 I think, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be making money in that tourney, it  also felt pretty good to make a come back like that. Have to be careful on those types of wins as my hat may not fit once my ego swells up my head a bit too much . Not really worried about ego in this game, I take what I can which lately at cash tables has been pretty good, yes I still hit a few speed bumps that remind me very quickly to keep my eyes open and thoughts on the game while playing, hope you all had a great weekend, later, Len.