As I said in my last posting the idea of being promoted in the League was nothing but a hope with odds about the same as a Lottery Ticket. Well it is still out of reach but the odds have turned in my favor. At the start of the month after a couple very bad showing in League Tourneys I was in the 9000 range with my ranking, now after 3 weeks and a ffew breaks going my way my rank is 2071, with the top 2000 being promoted to the next level I now have 6 days in which I need possibly 1 more good run in a tournament and I will hopefully put myself into the range of players who will get a promotion. It has been a very good time digging myself out of the hole I was in, I learned a lot about many little things that when put together turn into a good move. I have also gotten encouragement from other players and I believe that was the best part of this whole deal, regular players leaving comments or sending private mail with words and ways to make my play much better. These player are a cut above most players as they are willing to help even though that help may hurt them ( not a likely thing to happen but possible ) if I happen to end up playing against them during a tourney. This selflessness is what makes these players a cut above most people. It is a pretty good feeling knowing there are many players here that think of others before thinking of the $, the $s are what we all have in common, maybe not only the $ but we are all gambling so $ are a big part of anything we do here. So my journey from the bottom to near the top has been a great experience all in all. I need to go deep in at least 1 more tourney to place myself in a promotion rank, it would be a great thing to finally get to a Final Table, that would deffinitely get me promoted. Now a few lighter issues about things I notice.

We have all seen players with some sort of cloth or mask covering part of their faces, I guess this is done because they do not want to be recognized, it makes me smile whenever I see a profile picuture like this, If it really is done to hide their identity there are a few ways that are much easier, use a profile pic of something or someone else. Another thing I have noticed is a lot less of the insults at the tables when players lose to other players who may not yet have the experience but get lucky with the cards they are given. A couple months ago I wouls see someone losing their cool at least once a day, noe I cannot honestly recall the last time I have seen anyone going on tilt, hope you all have a great weekend, later, Len.