About 20 days ago, probably a couple less than 20 I played my first League Tourney for this month and I tanked, also tanked the next 2 so my rank was in the 9000 range. It was a bit of a let down seeing how far I was from even being close to a possible promotion to the next level for the coming month. I have had a few good showings and the ranking started to slowly turn for the better. The best part about being a long way from any sort of good ranking was in the Tourneys I came across two players I respect very much, they made a comment in a posting I put up letting me know where their ranking was taking them. Hoenhiem88 and Divabrae are two class acts in my books. When we first start at PokerStars they do a short Bio so others can get a feeling for where you stand on certain issues, one of the questions is which Poker Player you have the most respect for, I think they mean those players who are already known by all for their accomplishments in the Poker World. I do not dislike these players I just do not know them except for what has been said and showen by the Press and other media outlets so I did not put any of their names down. The players I do respect the most are those who are struggling along the same way I am, Hoenhiem88, Divabrae, Vano, DJ and of course the moderators who are there helping us as often as they can. These players who are willing to help with problems in the game are in my mind the real heros, they are willing to let their guard down and show you a bit about theirselves, sort of got off the subject as this is something I have passion about so back to what I started talking about. My ranking was in the 9000 range the first week of June, my last 3 tourneys have all made in into the points range and at this time I am now sitting at 2674. I have slowly climbed over 6000 positions and the possiblity of reaching the promotion range is not a pipe dream anymore, it is something that could happen if I could pull just one Final Table out of the next 9 days of play. When this new system first began I was not on board, I did not think it would work, this month has changed my opinion on that. I now see this system is better, maybe not in all aspects but in most it is a cut above the old system. Those who put the work into it can pick up some very good $, there is still the All-in crew at the start of most tourneys and I am guilty of joining them from time to time, If I happen to pick up a decent couple hole cards and then get lucky enough to scoop up 1 or 2 stacks during my all-in I then back off and play the game with some logic behind any large bets or any more all-ins, that is about it for now, hope you are all doing well with your play, later, Len.