I am still in search of a final table but in the last 3 League Tournaments I have made 71st in one, bot my butt kicked in the next as I was out at 6500 from a full tourney of 10,000 and then out at 472 in the 3rd. Not great stats, not even average stats but from a position somewhere in the 9000 range I am now at 3540, again not good position or even average but moving up 2500 places in position has a way of giving a person some hope. With a bit more study of hands played and possibly figuring out some of the flaws in your play maybe one can move up another 2500 places in position. The thing about placing well in 2 of 3 tourneys is it opens ones eyes and mind to what is possible with a little more work. The work is not a lot of fun but I do believe if we do not look though our losses we mat continue making whatever error caused the loss if it was not a 'Bad Beat'. Also many hands we put the 'Bad Beat' stamp on are not really Bad Beats at all, it becomes easy putting a loss in that column as then we can overlook the real cause of the loss, Bad Play on our part, maybe taking too big a chance by calling when we should be folding. I know I get the urge to call hoping my Gutshot card will show up on the Turn or River, if it is very cheap to call maybe try it but if it is a normal sized raise we can save a large part of our stack by doing what is the right move, fold. So I have done ok in 2 of 3 tournaments, if I could continue that sort of result I should be in a very good position by months end, later all, Len.