I may not have explained myself properly when I wrote about the 'Time Bank' awhile ago. I think most felt I was talking about how as each player ran their time as long as possible that it bothered me in some way because of my limited ability to wait. That was not what bothered me in any way at all, I play enough tables so there actually is a bonus for me when others take their time. No impatience was not what had me wondering about why a player would use their alloted time just to hopefully bother others at the table. What I was trying to say was it is a 'Time Bank' not a 'Timer' and because of that difference the more you use the 'Time Bank' the less time you have as the tournament goes deeper and loses more players. What had me wondering was why would a player use the 'Time Bank' early in the tournament and the later when time became more important not have as much leeway and decisions have to be made much sooner because of all those early stalls during the beginning of the tournament. What I am trying to say is it is a 'Time Bank' so the more you take from it the less time you have later. If you watch the timer line under your name on the table you will see it stays green for most of the time while you decide your next move. Later in the tournament that green line turns orange much quicker if you have used the 'Time Bank' a lot during the early stages and that makes me wonder if the players realize that it is a Bank. As with all Banks the more you take out the less you have. Hopefully I am wrong about this, if anyone knows for sure please let me know, thank you, hope you all have a great weekend ahead of you, later, Len.