I have a crew doing my quotas while I have been looking at and thinking of possibly purchasing a fishing lodge a hundred or so milles north which has access to 3 lakes, none near the size of Lake Winnipeg but they have been doing very well catching Pike and Walleye. No connection there unless u r on the lake and then it is only 1 bar on the cell. Going after real fish instead of the newbies here makes me realize how ignorant we r when we call the new players Fish. No where else in todays world could u get away using derogatory terms for folks who just happen to be either new to the game or play as a sport for a few hours each weekend. If we gave it some serious thought we would never try to insult these players unless u would rather have them leave the game and then we all play against players with more knowledge and experience. Just to let yourself c what that will do to your Win-rate go play at a table full of regs, if you happen to win I would bet it will not be near the amount u usually pick up when there r newbies at the tables, later all, Len.