Our Spring Season is off to a great start as of Sunday, I have a hired crew running the show as my injury makes me almost useless out there, maybe once the r finished with surgury on my hand, wrist and Bi-cep I should b good to go. The wife and I r thinking we may move out of the commercial side of fishing and into the Sport fishing side of the business. I have been up ay a fly-in fishing camp a couple hundred miles north of home, flew out yesterday for doctor appointments yesterday and will fly be flying back Saturday morn. The place has been completely booked since I was there and will be until end of Sept, If my wife and I sold our commercial outfit we could probably purchase the camp, trying to c if I would be up to dealing with the work involved, if so and if the price is right that is where we may end up being most of our summers for a few years, later all, hope your weekend is a great one, God Bless you and your families, Len.