Our commercial fishing season began this morning so things will be a little hectic and chances r very good I will miss putting up posts fot a month or so, if it was just the fishing it would probably not stop me from making time 4 the postings but I have also been asked if I would help out a fishing lodge where they need a person with more than just the pleasure craft licence all angles who use boats must have. A few years ago there was an opening in a course that once you complete it you r given a Mid 3 I believe it is called plus I went on to the next step witch (if I was ever interested) allows you to acquire a Captains position on boats much larger that the ones I use in the commercial fishing field. I  know right now I will miss being able to tell little stories, like little snap shots of a journey through the poker world, which at this time is fairly slow since I only look in on 2 other gaming sites besides PS, I will try whenever I have a connection to keep u all up to date on my adventures in and out of the poker world, until next time, take care & God Bless u all, Len.