Not sure why but yesterday seemed to b a day full of insulting morons and instead of just ignoring it I went and said what I felt, even at the times I was not the target of the insults. So  I would like to apologize to the rest of the players at those tables. I say I should have ignored these poor losers but then I think why should we let morons have the run of the table while they insult those who beat them. It still amazes me that these clowns cannot figure out that if they r losing to someone, chances r pretty good that player could be a better player than them. Of course there r the 'bad beats' but those go both ways so getting worked up over something you also benifit from does not make much sense. So as said I made remarks to these players, they have absolutely no idea what sportsmanship is all about. There is one thing on their minds while here and that is greed, hoping to get rich quick, boy r they in for a surprise when some one tells them only about 10% of the players here will make a profit from playing this game, also to achieve that profit they had best learn to read because if one is not willing to put in the endless hours of going through the data in Hand Histories or from a HUD if they have one then they just r not going to reach the goal of becoming part of that 10%. Another thing about winning big in this game involves live tournaments where if u r lucky enough 2 win a buy in u can possible make a 7 figure win, that win wil never come if u cannot control your emotions enough to take the lose an move on. As soon as a good player sees he can put someone on tilt just by taking a few chips the Insulter is doomed to a possible winning day from time to time online. It seems fairly obvious most of these player made no attempt to check out the school courses, the bigest tell there is they do not understand the 'over bet' it is a tool to use when you want to push everyone out and take down whatevere is in the pot now. I use it when I am not too keen on seeing an ace on the flop, not always the result as at times some players will call so do not try using it is all u have for back-up is air, a lot of lost money otherwise.

So sorry folks, if you had to put up with me and my silly arguements, later, Len

PS hope the coming weekend is all an more than you hoped for.