Pokerstars sits at the top of the pile with the most of everything, that means the most of the better players also. Even in the micros at $0.01/$0.02 & $0.02/$0.05 there r players that play much better than those on the other sites, I am sure I am not the only one jumping around but I may b the only one doing it to collect little facts about the game. Here at PS I c a lot of anger at the cash and tourney tables, as soon as someone loses a big pot they start tossing insults about the winner being a fish. Do they even understand what that implies about them as a player? If the winner of the hand was a fish or newbie 2 the game it means the one who lost does not have enough game to beat even a fish, if that is the case the last thing I would do is broadcast it to all there. Most times it is just a 'Bad Beat' which we all should realize is part of the game, regardless of the level of our playing abilities we will b on the losing end of those from time to time & that is when our maturity will b called upon (that is me assuming the losers of hands have maturity in their tool box of poker skills) to show we r player enough to suck it up and move on, why waste time insulting someone who has probably moved on also? Plus what r those insults going to do for u? I can c many players tagging the insulter because if all it takes is a loss to put him/her on tilt there could b a stack of chips up for grabs after the next bad hand, enough about poor losers, we will have them with us at all times when the number of players is as large as the #s at PS.

I have noticed a site that has a little gimmick and after playing and watching there I c it works, who ever thought it up is one very smart person, I c almost no players getting all worked up an tossing insults, instead they toss a tomato or chips or a few other silly things. It is so off the wall it seems nuts but it works, it also is good for a few laughs which do wonders 4 anyone who happens to b on a downswing.

Hope you all will have a great weekend coming up, God Bless you and your families, later, Len.