I have had the chance, by reading what others have talked about, to look at a few other Poker sites. No sure if it is just a $ thing, by that I mean the graphics & PokerStars being the Big Dog because of size & number of players, so with that said I will not name these sites. PokerStars is supposed to b the largest site of on-line Poker so they probably have more cash 2 put into making their site seem so professional, theses other sites r doing things that in my opinion r both damaging and unprofessional. There r a few good laughs though, one site allows u 2 throw certain things at other players while playing the game with them, not very serious but sure is funny when u can toss eggs,rotten tomates or coins at them and I suppose the money u make or lose is just as good as the money at PS. Another site does things that I believe r not funny or smart, they have a series of challenges that if u complete I think u win a buy-in 2 a tournament, I am guessing at that, I do know u do not win $ up front 4 completing these challenges and because of that they seem foolish to even try. One is 2 make it to showdown & win with 72o, how much $ could u lose trying that, if u put $ on those hole cards to c the flop it is the same as throwing it away, then if u have paid 2 c the flop an u miss making any kind of hand do u then turn it into a straight up bluff & possibly lose a lot more $ trying 2 push others out. It seems 2 me just plain dumb to even bother with cards like that, maybe the flop  helps u out 5% of the time but they r still garbage cards & putting any $ on them is foolishness to the max, I did notice this site also had a school 4 poker, I did not bother checking it out because if it has a challenge that is about as dumb as it gets I do not think I want 2 c what they r teaching. The other big difference I noticed with these sites is they r like a small town as it gets later, it slowly loses players until their versions of Zoom do not have enough players to fill a 9 player table, like the small town at a certain time everything shuts down. There also is a site where u can win tournament tickets by the handful but the expire after a week or two & in that time there r only a couple times u can enter a tourney with those tickets, so winning them is not a very good deal since unless u sleep at the site chances r u will lose the ticket since u never find a time when there is a tourney open 4 them. PS has it's own problems at times but they seem 2 deal with these in a professional manner, also PS never sleeps. Regardless of times or day there r always many options open to any who feel like playing, that is it for my tour through the Poker Rooms of the Internet, Have a great weekend all, Len.