I finally made a decent run in a tournament, was bumped at 34th bur sure made a jump in the ranking, scored 53, not sure if that is good, ok or just normal. Either way it takes a load off my back at it seemed at times during the past month of tourney play that I just was never going to get it together. I was playing 7,8,9&10 tables at different times but I noticed that at 6 tables I make more than if I am at 8-10. I understand why so I guess I just need to back off, the higher # of tables will come once I am comfortable at 7 and can add a table each step as I find I am not rushing any bets or making mistakes which has happened, also have timed out at times so I just need to get it through my thick head that the game is not going anywhere so no rush to get up to a dozen or more tables, later all, hope your weekend was what you hoped for, Len.