I play my second Elementary League tourney & finished under 1000 out of around 9000 players, not great but much better than the first so I am ok with that, if each time u r up & u do better than the time b4 then I would think it should tell u that this is the right course 2 b on. Maybe I need 2 tighten up a bit more on the hand selection, not sure but a look at the hands in which I lost I should find a few things I can change. Not fun looking through hands that u lost, much better looking at the winning hands and seeing how good u did . Seriously I need to look at both because in the winning hands once u c what really happen, no rush as the timer is off,  but I know when I study those hands I will c that yes I won but I also probably left a lot of extra $ that if I had taken a little more time I may have picked up. As 4 the losing hands some will show u did everything right but the result says no, Murphy's Law at work there, also some of those hands will show I missed something I should have noticed & I could have bailed out sooner & hung on 2 a few extra $. It will all come out after a second look because that is how it works. Hindsight is special that way, it always lets us c what should have happened instead of what actually happened.

Bluffing the most used play in the game, maybe not up in the clouds with the high stakes games but up to $0.50/$1.00 I think it is going on a lot more often than most of us realize. I spent between 1 to 3 hours at another site & most of the time I just watched, there was an amazing amount of hands won with just a high card, as in ace, king or queen. So if that is how rare good to great hands r why is a player betting $10-20 every second or third hand in a $0.10/$0.20 or $0.25/$0.50 game? The answer I came up with was because they know if they r first 2 bet that 90% of the time everyone will fold because "what if". Why throw $20 in to get the original $3 or $4 pot plus the big bet that just may b a monster hand deciding to take the pot now instead of possibly letting someone else connect on the flush/straight draw. So if that is how hands r turning out at that site it must b the same here, it was the same in my house when I dealt a hundred hands for a 6 man table. The majority of the hands I dealt were won with either a single pair or a high card. It would have been much different if all the hands stayed in to the river. Hands like 72o, 92o, 83o ect. would have won many of those hands but 2 call any bet with those cards would not b the wisest thing one can do. I c them get in when they happen 2 b dealt to the BB player & he is allowed 2 c the flop because everyone else in the hand limped in 2 c a cheap flop. I c some players who always reraise 10-20 BBs if there r 2 or more trying to limp or even a small raise, they come over the top with this huge bet preflop 90% of the hands they r IP and they take down the pot, no way do they have any kind of made hand that often but the problem is sometimes they have the hand to back up the bet. At those times we r left to decide if we want 2 let the $0.50 go or bet $20--$40 to defend our original little bet or our BB, most often we r smart enough 2 let it go and try 2 get it back in the next few hands when our hole cards look much better. So in my opinion I think the bluff is the most used move we have in the game, at least at micro levels, later all, Len.