I spent some time watching most of the big names in the poker world play and I happened to notice there was something missing that I c in almost every game here and especially at the cash tables. I am sure some of u have already figured out what I am talking about. In the pro games, of which I watch about 2-3 hours, I saw 2 slow played hands. The pros almost always bet when they had decent cards b4 the flop and if they caught something in the flop to make their hand better they bet or reraised their hand. This betting an raising did not scare the rest out of the hand. It is how the game is played by very good poker players. All the teaching at the school is based on this type of poker. The 2 hands that were slow played? One was a Straight Flush and the other was quads, b4 those hands became the nuts the players who made them bet their hands as usual. So the school is geared to teach us how 2 play properly, the play at the cash tables here ( an I am guilty of this also ) is the type of play that would get many of the players hurt badly at a live private game. I have yet to c someone bet their hand if they r lucky enough to catch a set. They will sit back and bushwhack those still in the hand and the only time u will c a reraise from them is after the River. That is the common practice of most of the players, they go from being poker players to weasels within a card or 2 being turned up. It is too bad because by playing the game the way the school teaches us it is a good time, playing the part of being a bushwhacker seems a bit seedy, like having to sneak around and hopefully trap someone. There is a place in the game 4 this type of play but not every single hand that happens to turn into a monster. Maybe I am just fooling myself into thinking the game would be much more enjoyable if we did not have to worry about being caught in a trap each hand we play. I did say I was also guilty of this play, not much choice if the rest of the table is doing it. So those r my thoughts about how the game is being played a lot of the time. Later all, hope your weekend was a good one and all u hoped for, Len.