I have to laugh at how far I have fallen in the Open League ranks. 2 weeks ago there was a $2.50 by my name and I was less than a point from a score in the 1800s. Then the drop began, not a slow decrease in rank and points. No if it had been like that I might have been able to turn it around, stopped the bleeding and kept working at remaining near the top. I have tried to think of a way that would explain the drop and why working my way upwards is not much of an option. So this is what I have come up with. "As we all know, the world is flat and somehow I manage to get through the safety fence that protects folks from getting too close to the edge, I must have been daydreaming and did not c the edge as I walked over it, there is no bottom so I am still falling". My rank is about 80,000 and my score is around a 1,000. So with almost no time left this month I am basically done with League play and will need to work on the new system coming up.

As for play at the tables I am constantly wondering why it takes some so long 2 make a move, I understand they r playing many tables but it still does not explain the time taken to decide. I started to think maybe it was me moving faster, most of the time, even if I am playing a few tables. My ability if it can b called that probably comes from my days of playing Chess. Most think it is a game where each move take hours to make and in traditional Chess that may b so. But my last 3 or 4 years of playing the game were spent almost totally playing speed Chess which is a world of difference from the regular game. U still need to think of the possible moves u an who u r playing may make so that is all the same but u have many combinations made up with maybe 2% of the time u have in a normal game. I never got far enough to become a Top of the line player but I was a good player. So maybe it is me with my planned moves if certain things happen that is causing what I think is slow play. There r times when I need to rethink a move I was going to make. Anyways my obsession with the "Time Bank" and thinking others r playing slow may just b me playing too fast and is my problem not anyone else's. Have a great day everyone, later, Len.