First I will deal with the last issue, the Open League had been within reach but after a couple bad tourneys I was bumped back in the rankings and instead of taking it as a part of the game and continuing with intelligent play in the next few tourneys I was foolish enough to think that if these others could do the 'all-in with anything dance' I also should b able to do so. Wrong , just made my situation worse. I did not take the time to take down a few names and check to see if they had ever managed to place in these tournaments, my guess, for all it is worth, is that not many is any r very high in the rankings. So after trying that in a couple tourneys I continued to dig a deeper hole. I should have done as I did at the start, u do not get a huge stack to begin with but it is large enough to give u time to wait for decent cards, u can take down some small pots and sooner or later u will catch the needed hand for an all-in which hopefully has more than 1 other in the pot with u. No I did not do any of that, instead I tried making the cards fit into places they had no chance of winning. I was trying to limp into as many hands as possible and all that did was deplete my stack to the point where there was no choice but to go all-in. So now I have been bumped back so far I do not think I have much chance of placing at a decent rank, oh well, if nothing else I at least learned a lesson.

Play at the tables, and I play at them a lot at all levels. If I have a couple hours to play I will probably go through most of the levels, the highest I usually will go is $0.25-$0.50 but I do not go there for long as I am here to enjoy myself and at that level most of the players r there for the $ so the tension there seems a bit more, can I afford to take hits there as for all-in? Yes, that is not an issue. As for the tension maybe it is only an issue with me as I do not really know the players there. I also see many of the players showing up in most of the hands so it is pretty obvious they r playing many more tables then the 3 or 4 I do. The tables r probably the worst place to try and learn, at least at Zoom but it is fast and I guess if someone is playing a dozen or more tables they can pick their decent hands and toss the rest. 1 thing I do see much more than just when I began playing near the end of last year is there seems 2 b much more bushwacking, I am guilty of this also. I have watched many of the videos of the so called "Stars" of the poker world and there seems to b none of that, they bet their hands and play the game. All this play of sitting in the weeds makes a lot of the school teaching useless. which is to bad. It would be nice to play a game the way it was taught and see what the results r.

The "Time Bank" I see so many players in the late stages of tourneys with choices to makes quickly on a $200,000 bet because during the early stages they would use all their time to make a $50 bet. Is the posturing in the early stages worth maybe making a wrong choice when the pots r in the 1/2 million $ range? Have a great weekend everyone, Len.