A week ago there was $250 beside my name in the ranking of the Open League, this week? I cannot even find my name, not sure if this is just an error (I am hoping on that ) or I have fallen so far I just dropped off the charts. Just play a tourney there, had over $5,000 in chips 2 hands later I was out, they were decent hands 2 enter with but it seems if I have 72 & rightly fold the flop will have a 7 then the Turn & River fill out the house. I had AK with a king in the flop with 42, the turn a 3 & half my stack gone to a staight, the last hand was A,10, I pick up a 10 then A on Turn & get bumped by a flush caught on the River. It seems all the last 5 or 6 tourneys I have been in have gone this way. I will wait & hit when I can & build up 3-5 or more x my starting stack but seem 2 find myself on the outside looking in within in a few minutes after the late reg. is over. Oh well, still a week or so & things change fast as I have seen personally.

I have been jumping around at the tables, no level I like more than the next, I suppose if I was in this 4 the coin then I would make sure a level was comfortable and start trying to build something there. I cannot not say that the $ is not an interest, only a complete fool would not at least think about the + & -s. I like checking out the difference in play at various levels and if when I leave I am +$ that is much better than -$ which at days end I have been fortunate enough to b most days.

2 Bad Beats, if they can truely be called that, in both I sent a PM 2 the winner sending a copy of the hand because they r truely amazing. The first I had pocket Kings and the flop had a King so when the other player went allin I was happy to call, he had K6, with the flop of K64 I guess he figured his 2 pair were good, he had no idea how good, Turn and River both sixes & he wins with his Quads. The other hand was a situation I have been in b4 but never with the result that happened here. By the time the pre-flop raises and re-raises were over we where all-in and both had AA, the board turned up 4 clubs and I lost to a flush. Again the last club was on the River. Like I said I have played AA against AA probably close 2 a dozen times and this was a first.

Hope you r all having the week you wanted and looking forward to the weekend, my week was great as some quota needed to b filled and we managed to catch a bit over 4 thousands pounds of fish that was shipped so my share of the catch, 75% will b on my next cheque which is a bonus as the season ends with this month and until Spring season opens we will b Treaty Fishing until the ice becomes un safe to travel on. Later all, Len.