I just reread what I had said earlier and I think maybe this is almost becoming an obsession with me, I know I need to say sorry to many players because not all of the insults r coming from illiterate players that drag their knuckles on the ground as they walk. A lot of the blow ups on the chat r just that, u have just taken a hit or been slow played for a stack and the normal reaction is to get worked up, some of it goes a bit too far and some is back and forth which just gets things going even more. I know I took a hit my very first hand, I caught a flush and was all smiles as I went all in then saw an Ace high flush looking back at my King high one. That should have been good 4 a few words of anger but I know I am not exactly normal in that sort of situation, just as I was a bit different back in the days when we did a lot of fighting. I do not usually get angry I laughed about getting suckered on the flush hit and I used to laugh when I was scraping, back then I enjoyed fights, nothing like these days were even a slap will end up as an assult charge. Times have changed, it used to b u would get in trouble for tattelling on your brother, now everyone has 911 on speed dial. That may b why I like living on my farm away from most of the BS. I am still new here and I am sure u have all figured out how 2 deal with the blow ups of other players and I guess so do I, it is not as if it really means much, just someone letting off some steam, hope I learn how to deal with it soon.

They finally got the stats right and for awhile I will b in the money range as my rank was 1434 earlier but has already been pushed to 1491 so not sure if that is because I was bumped early in the 1 tourney I did play or maybe others r just moving up also and that has pushed me back some, which ever I will need to keep doing well if I hope to place in a decent place at months end.

I was not to kind in describing 888 or those playing there and that was wrong of me, their graphics may not match up to PS but who cares, not like it is a hotel and u r sending the night, just a place to play a game. The players r probably many from here, yes I had a very good day there as far as making some $ goes but I also did very well here, it was just one of those days where the cards r on your side and the big reason for the BR growing as fast as it is, so after writing the second last bit I put up this is the third time today for me now, I had not realizes it was past midnight with the first, maybe effects of the 'Day Light Saving Time' we just went through a few days ago. Later all, have a good night and excuse my ranting over nothing, Len.