I had posted my last rant just as I was about to call it a day and went back to the tables to shut them down, I have some bad habits, maybe not bad but different would fit the bill. I like numbers to b even so I try to finish on tables with an even #, yes it is strange behavior but it hurts no one and most would never even b aware of it had I not mentioned it. Anyways it was at 1 of the Zoom tables I had open, not even sure which level as I will play at 2 or 3 different ones most of the time. Anyways at one table out of the blue some player posted a few insults in the chat. At Zoom u either r very fast at typing to get something like that done or u had it sitting there ready 4 the next time u met the player the insult was meant for. I say it is amazing but that is not really true, in fact it would probably b amazing if all these fools where not here. This is where complete morons believe they r the next great sensation in the world of poker. Yes I am being a little cruel about my use of words, which is part of what this is about. Within half an insult u r able to tell whether or not the insulter is familiar with the English language. those not used to it have a few words they toss out, those that know the language can toss out a bit more even though many of the words r only 4 letters because most morons figured education was a waste of time. Why spends years gaining knowledge, it is not required when u r on your way to making bundles of $ playing poker. I feel like telling all these sad little people to come and visit and bring along a shovel. That comment is way out of line but how much r the majority of players supposed to put up with? Yes we have the option of turning the chat off but why should the decent players have to dodge the behavior of a bunch of very poor losers, I am not just talking about the game when I call them losers, if they act this way during a game chances r very good they r losers at most things in life. Why does PS not have some way to curb these fools, if they were to say what they do at a live game there would b some sort of penalty. Most of us do not cry when we lose, it happens and we move on. I am sure some of the LOSERS figure what they do is just part of their competitive nature an all Alpha Dogs need to express themselves to those who get lucky and beat them. Wake up dummies, you r not and never will b an Alpha anything and those players beating u r not getting lucky, they r better at the game than u will ever b, done deal. I apologize once again for responding to a player last night, I was wrong in doing so. I also apologize to all and any that may b offended by my rant. These r my thoughts and mine alone, I guess I just reached a point where I felt something needed to be said about this issue. Hopefully most of u r having a great weekend and have a great end to it today, later, Len.