Just a quick note about a couple things, made another deep run in the Open League, only tournament I have tried today, also another of my country men being obnoxious after they had been bumped from the tourney. He started with the insults as an observer on the chat, calling the rest of us losers while we r playing and he is watching because his play did not measure up. One more man who has to move out of mommies home and try living a real life where Mom is not there to wipe his ass an tears every time things do not go his way. There was another of my country men at the same table, game name was Deadman or something close to that and he was a class act, played very well but took a couple bad hits on the river and at that stage in the tourney if U do not have at least $10k in chips U r in trouble. Have to give him a big thumbs up as with a couple $k he managed a bit of a comeback but sometimes it is as if once the cards turn on U they stayed turned for an hor or two, I only lasted a few hands longer than he did and I had over $20k. Anyways a good tournament, if I keep going under the 500th position I will need to do better if I hope to rise in the ranks. I am sort of looking forward to the new system we have coming our way.

Now about something U all may know about already but for me I just had it confirmed earlier today, not sure but I believe it is the same in tournaments and cash tables. We have a 'Time Bank' that gives us our alloted amount of time to make our move when it our turn to act, it is not a timer as I first thought but as it says, it is a Time Bank and just like any bank around this great world of ours U can only take so much out of your bank before there just is no more to take out. I watch players take a lot of time before they decide, this is during the beginning of the tournament or cash game and each time U allow the timer to pass from green to yellow U r using up what U have in the bank. Do this too much at the start when U really do not need a lot of time to decide and it may cost U a lot later in the tournament. If U keep an eye on the green bar that shows up when it is that players time to move and if he has taken a lot of time, many times, U will c that once the green bar has run it's course instead of yellow showing up it is red and it moves very quickly towards timing U out. So it might b good practice to make your choice while the others r still thinking so when your time comes U can act without a rush but also without a full time run session. The only reason I am saying this is because later in a tourney when you r trying to decide whether to call a $100k move U will still have plenty of time in the bank so u can c your choices without having to act immediately or possibly get timed out of a hand U would have won easily and taken maybe $100k from your opponent. Just my thoughts on the time issue and maybe I could be wrong, later, Len.