I played 3 Open League tourneys yesterday an in 2 of them I made a decent showing, in 1 I was around the 400 or 500 position when bumped out and in the other I was near 40th b4 getting bumped out. We will just forget about the third one played as I am not sure if the late registration of 10 minutes was even over b4 I was on the outside looking in. Not a good feeling at all. I was very happy with the one in which I was under 100 b4 getting booted out, in that one I sat at first place 4 awhile as I was the first to accumulate over $200,000, that was another first 4 me, so my ranking went up but I also gained in trickiness and shooter stats, all in all a very good day in tourney play. Only 1 incident of a poor loser throwing insults at a player who had beaten him in a hand, what is it with these fools? They hit the chat so fast it seems they must have pre recorded insults ready, also how can they berate a player saying he basically knows nothing and can barely play, if that is true and he beat u what does that say about your game skills? The ugly part was this dork was a fellow countryman and I was embarassed by his antics. I was lucky to catch a set, I believe, so when he went all-in with his few chips I was able to bump him out. I then told the player who the insults were directed to that there r fools in every country but now he was gone and we could get back to playing, that move may have been a very big reason I was able to get as far as I did in that tourney. I had taken a couple bad hits and was down to about $400 chips and I picked up a fairly good hand in which 4 others put in $200 b4 folding to my all-in raise, that left one other and the one who had been insulted earlier. I had the one player beat but I am positive the other (insulted player) had me beat but he folded his hand and when I put 'ty' in the chat he said 'yw" so he was aware of what he did which was to allow me to win that hand, I started climbing the ladder after that, a stretch of 6 wins in a row which did wonders to my stack and then I was moved to another table. Those few words of trying to mend a fence may have been the most important part of that tourney, a saying keeps coming to mind but not sure if it can b applied here or not, the saying? "What goes around comes around". I am sure we all have such a saying in every country and all it means is if you give out good you will at some time receive the same in return. Not sure if it happens 100% of the time but I have seen it work often.

As to the cheating bit in the title it is not cheating in a game, more in line with cheating as in a relationship. Not sure if PokerStars makes their player list available to other gaming sites but I received an invitation to 888 poker in my e-mail so I went 2 c if it was like PokerStars, it was not but it did give a bonus if u made a deposit. I put some $ into an account I made there and played 4 awhile, as far as graphics & design it cannot compete with PS. The funny thing about all this was I felt I was letting PS down, after teaching me how to play, which came in handy at 888 since I almost doubled my deposit. I know it sounds silly but those were my feelings at the time, when I saw how well I had done the feelings sort of dissapated very quickly, . Hope you all have a great day and luck is on your side, later, Len.