I have been bouncing up and down as far as my rank in the Open League goes, even (and this was a first 4 me) went on tilt 4 abit. A player at a table I was at in a Open League tourney was ranting at another because the (I with name them ranter & other) other had gone all-in after the River, one other player had gone all-in with a very short start at the start and Ranter and Other both called, Ranter made small bets b4 the Turn and again b4 the River which were called by Other, then Ranter checked after the River card was showing and Other went all-in so Ranter mucked his hand. The player who had gone all-in at the start won his pot and Other collected the side pot. They both had to show their cards and that was when the fireworks started as Ranter must have folded a better hand than the 9/4 clubs Other had. At first I thought it was pretty funny but Ranter just kept on bit ching about it, I could c maybe getting angry at losing your whole stake but this was over less than $500. No one likes losing but it happens so we suck it up and move on, not Ranter ( I detest spoiled children who r poor losers, he is probably one of those kids their mother kept out of sports because he might get hurt or and this is the crux of it, or they might lose a game and it could damage their ego 4 life ) he just kept on with the insults and I finally lost my ability to ignore him and just started going all-in every time I had an Ace or 2 suited connectors. I was lucky, very lucky and tripled up my stack and also took most of Ranters b4 beening moved 2 another table. I understand we all have a commpetitive nature, some more than others but I would hope no one is foolish enough 2 believe they cannot lose, if so then that person is in the wrong place (PokerStars) and in 4 many disappointments. I guess we can prepare ourselves so that the losses r at a minimum by study of our play and especially the play of others, either by watching them closely or seeing what they have done in the hands u have played against them. Ranter is the type of players who ruins the game for me, I enjoy trying to outsmart another player and if I win it is a great feeling, much better if the pot happens to b large. If I lose to them I understand I may have made a wrong move, maybe not, maybe their hand just happened to b better and depending on how strong the hand is and when it became better than mine will answer the question about whether or not I would have been able to push them into folding it. Some hands r just too strong and regardless of how well u present that your hand is a monster they will use every $ they have b4 they will fold. It is not as if u cannot figure out with some hands that no one can beat u, u have the nuts and that is the end of it.  I do not like taking the loss but that is part of the game, also an important part because it is these losses that will show and teach up much more than the hand we have won. I could b completely wrong about this but that is my thoughts on the issue, hope you all have a great day, later, Len.