My tournament play has been a roller coaster ride for awhile now and I cannot blame it on the all-in pros when the tourney begins because a lot of that action has dimmed down, as if everyone realizes this may be the last shot at placing in this old formatt style. No the blame is my play and I do not think my play is terrible I know it is far from being 'at the top of the pile good' it is halfway decent and as I study different ideas an styles it should begin to improve with time. I believe it is because I play at the tables a lot of the time and it is not the same thing, not even close. One may have several tables on the go at the same time so choices r made quicker and u can be very selective on the range of starting hands you r willing to open with or play with. In the tourney u have one hand and one stack of chips which can get eaten up quickly as the blinds progress so u need to open up some just to maybe pick up enough so u can relax until blinds r worth trying 2 steal and u r not the only one doing this. Anyways it has been difficult 4 me 2 go from style 2 style without making some simple mistakes. I was playing at some tables last night and earlier today and u would have figured u were playing in the Open League when it was a shove fest, players were going all-in almost every hand and the cards they had meant they had opened up a lot. I never saw so many stacks being passed back an forth, I took some pretty good hits and made a few hits of my own, still after it was done I was on the - side of where I had started by about $30 and some coin. I shut it down to do a few things then started again but went down a couple levels for awhile which helped me get things back to playing with the confidence needed. If u r playing those cash tables but r not confidant about what moves u r making u had best stop in mid hand if necessary and either call it a night or try another level, last choice is probably the best choice, study your hands played and check out a course or two at the school on any area u found was giving u a hard time.  Just try to remember that whether it is a tourney or a cash table u may need to adjust your game to what works best 4 u in either area. I had to step back once or twice after losses on the river as they started to get to me and after a bit I realized I had also won that way quite a few times so after that all I could do was laugh and say u lucky bugger, next time it goes my way. Hope you r all having a great weekend and the best is yet to come, later, Len.