I was playing in a community club Tournament earlier & also a couple zoom tables.   The tourneys r great as the club members r all decent to good players & in this case it is not 'ALL ABOUT THE MONEY'. It is some good people taking a break at a game they either enjoy or love 2 play. How can they b taking a break from the game while still playing a tounament? It is the atmosphere at these gathering, there is a cash prize 4 a few players who will reach the FT but it is not large. The biggest difference is the stress is not there as it often is at cash tables or big tourneys that could take u to some very large amounts of $. I have 2 admitt I do not get stressed out too often playing here at tourneys or cash tables. I was finally taken out in the tourney when I caught a monster hand I just could not lay down even though I was almost positive I was in 2nd place after seeing both the Turn & River, that slim chance is something I need 2 quit hoping I will c as I push in most or all of my stack. As the title says, 'that slim chance u r being bluffed' or they r not holding a hand that will crush u, just a good hand that u happen 2 have the better of. It is caused I believe because most of us have caught someone bluffing or with the second best hand in these type of situations, I am not much of a bluffer as I do not pick my spots right I guess but the few players I have caught r usually those at the table who r pushing a lot of chips into the pot a lot of the time, u do not c this much at cash tables, ( at least I have not) but in a tournament where a player at the table who has a huge stack compared 2 most of us, will wait until a couple limp in and maybe 1 raiser then he/she goes all-in, everyone folds & the player picks up a small pot, but they will do this 4 or more times in a row, everyone knows he has not gotten great cards each time but it is your tournament life on the line 2 call, their stack will only take a small hit but if things go bad we r out side looking in. I guess u just need 2 trust what u have in your hand & make the call, if u happen 2 get bounced it sucks but there will b more tourneys, if u happen 2 win it is a great feeling, one of the biggest joys we can get playing this game of chance. There is also 1 other reason to  make the call when u think u r beaten and that is what this game is all about, it is a gamble, and after all the number crunching and odds making along with your % of your hand winning it comes down to what the game really is, a gamble. If right feelings r pushed up along with your smile as it is going to b a big one. If it is the loss that is just part of the game and u may have to grind a bit 2 get back what was lost. I am not saying we should make this call, in fact a majority of the time u need to b able to muck a monster because the price you pay for the loss is much more than the slim chance of a win will give u, thats about it, hope you have all had a great day, later, Len.